At Work at Home

Pictures made in May 2005 on behalf of the dutch hobby portal 'Moet je kijken'.

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Photographer - Willy Goedhart
Camera - Nikon D70

Production of Papyrus

Production of papyrus.

Papyrus, hand made of Cyperus papyrus. Demonstration in December 2005 in Caïro, Egypt.

Photgrapher - Annelies Smit
Camera - HP PhotoSmart 850

Workshop 18 September 2010

Workshop Origamic Architecture in Museum Meermanno, The Hague, by Tjeerd Kuipers and Annelies Smit.

Photographer - Elisabeth Kuipers
Camera - Fuji FinePix F410

Landelijke archievendag 2005

Explanation in 2005 of Origamic Architecture (OA) on the 'Landelijke Open Archievendag' in the archive of the town Dordrecht (Netherlands).

Photographer - Do Smit
Camera - HP PhotoSmart 850