Origamic Architecture Manual   By courtesy of Tjeerd Kuipers  
  Papierarchitectuur Handleiding (in dutch)   By courtesy of Tjeerd Kuipers  
  Niet bouwen, maar vouwen   Article in dutch  
  A Study on the Boundary Conditions of 90º Paper Pop-up Structures      
  A symmetry analysis of mechanisms in rotating rings of tetrahedra      
  Sphere Houses in Bonbek   Article in english and french; ISBN 9782810004607  
  Bonbek   Article in english and french; ISBN 0-7548-2078-5  
  The practical step-by-step guide to Making Pop-ups & Novelty Cards   A masterclass in the art of paper engineering  

Making Pop-ups and Novelty Cards

  Lorentz Books, ISBN 978-0-7548-2078-9  
  Paper Play   Gingko Press, ISBN 978-58423-555-2  
  Paper Works   Gingko Press, ISBN 978-1-58423-432-6  
  Papierarchitectuur, van gebouw tot kaart   Ingrid Siliakus. Cantecleer, ISBN 90-213-3138-1  
  The Paper Architect   Potter Craft, ISBN 978-0-307-45147-7  
  Origami by Robert Lang   Video  
  Walking horses made of paper   Video  
  Coda Paper Art   Coda Museum Apeldoorn. In odd years, from mid-June to mid-October  
  Papier Biënnale   Museum Rijswijk. In even years, from mid-June to mid-November