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P a p y r om a n i a
publications concerning paper engineering
Origamic Architecture Manual - By courtesy of Tjeerd Kuipers
Papierarchitectuur Handleiding (in dutch) - By courtesy of Tjeerd Kuipers
Niet bouwen, maar vouwen (article in dutch)
A Study on the Boundary Conditions of 90º Paper Pop-up Structures
A symmetry analysis of mechanisms in rotating rings of tetrahedra
Origami by Robert Lang (video)
Science of Origami Mathematicians and Artist use Algorithms to make complicated Paper Sculptures by Robert Lang (video)
Sphere Houses in Bonbek (article in english and french; ISBN 9782810004607)
The practical step-by-step guide to Making Pop-ups & Novelty Cards, a masterclass in the art of paper engineering
Walking robot made of self-expanding paper (video)